6 Fun Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin

I went a bit crazy trying to recreate Pinterest pumpkins this year. I am not actually the biggest Halloween fan normally. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I will throw up a few decorations and I like carving pumpkins but it is just not my favourite holiday. I like to focus more on the autumn stylings of this time of year, maybe it is because I absolutely hate anything gory or bloody and so much of Halloween is about trying to scare or gross people out. Still there is something super fun about pumpkins and if I could cover my whole house in them I probably would. If you want to have pumpkins hanging around for a long time though you can’t really carve them so I went on the hunt for ideas that didn’t require carving and decided to share some of the ones I tried with you.

I used baby pumpkins because that is what I had bought earlier in the month and because I think they are adorable but obviously you could use what ever size you want. This one is exactly what it looks like. I painted it with Mod Podge and then covered it in sprinkles. In the spirit of full disclosure this is actually my least favourite of the six – maybe because I really wished I had used either orange or black sparkles and not a combination of the two. Still it is very easy and would certainly be a good project to do with kids.

This one was a multiple step process but still easy and I actually thought it was fun besides. I started by painting the pumpkin white but if you bought one of the ghost pumpkins that would eliminate at least one step. Because I was using small pumpkins I needed to break my pealed crayons in half and then hot glued them around the top of the pumpkin close to the stem but still with some hanging over the side. Once the glue was dried I used a blow dryer on it’s hottest setting to melt the crayons. I had seen this done before in various art formats but I was still surprised how well and fast it worked. I am totally going to try some of the art pieces done like this in the future and I’ll let you know how it goes.

I have seen this method used on ceramics before and as nail art but when I saw it on a pumpkin I though I would give it a try. I started by painting the pumpkin white but again there are ways to skip this step. Then I filled a small mixing bowl with water and to one side dropped in a few drops of a couple different colours of nail polish. Holding the pumpkin carefully by the stem I dunked into the water on the non polished side and then pushed under the nail polish and up through it to give a marbled effect. This is another one that I like the result of and will be trying it on some other surfaces later. It is quick and effective.

I didn’t have a thick white string in the house but I did have twine so I painted the twine white to get the look of hearty spiderwebbing. I don’t recommend this, not only was painting it a pain but it was messy and I had to keep handling it so it wouldn’t dry to a surface. Save yourself the headache and buy a roll of white twine or yarn. Once it was finally dry I mixed a small bowl of white glue and water together and then coated the string in the mixture. After it is fully coated in the glue you simply wind it around the pumpkin until it looks web adjacent. I set mine on a plastic cup to dry so it was touching the least amount of surface possible and that worked pretty well. I used a little plastic spider to finish it off but any fake spider would do. For a lager pumpkin I would use a larger one or more than one.

The little bat might actually be my favourite I have to say. I painted the pumpkin black, and as I have never seen black pumpkins in the store I don’t think you can skip it this time. Once it was dry I added the eyes. The wings and ears are cut out of card stock paper and glued on with a simple white glue. The foam craft sheets would also work for making the ears and wings but I would suggest a hot glue if you are using the heavier material. You could also add some fangs if you want to but I think he is kind of adorable just like he is.

Okay, easiest for last. I cut the bottom eight inches of fashion tights off and slid the pumpkin inside. You could use whatever fall/halloween ribbon you want to tie the top tightly. My daughter tells me this might be her favourite and it literally takes less than a minute. I can totally imagine them as table decorations or on a mantle.

If you have done something amazing with your pumpkins this year please share and we will all have even more idea for next year.



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