About Me On My Birthday

This weekend I will celebrate yet another birthday. It seemed like a good opportunity to reintroduce myself and share some fun facts all about me.

1. I love to read, a lot, but I do not enjoy bookstores or libraries. It will probably tell you something else about me when I add that this is because I find them a little overwhelming and stressful. I am not one of those people that finds pleasure in wandering around a bookstore for hours flipping through the options. I start to feeling confused and frustrated because I can’t decide what sounds good. Having said that one of my favourite things is the gift of a book or a suggestion of what to read, it takes the guess work out of it for me.

2. If I could be anything, no limitations, I would choose actor. I love to write and have found a lot of joy and satisfaction in this work but deep down I still would give a lot for the opportunity to be a paid actor.

3. I couldn’t burn candles for many years because I hated them being gone. I would buy them, place them around the house, smell them occasionally and never let anyone burn them. I am not really sure what this would say about me exactly but it went on for years. I am happy to report that I have gotten over this particular quirk and now happily burn candles all over the house, safely of course.

4. I have a slight obsession with mugs. I am just drawn to them. If I see a section of mugs in a store I am going to look at them. I don’t even have room for them in the limited cupboard space my current home offers and yet I will buy a cute one and shove it in there. I have, on a couple of occasions, even made my own to add to my ever growing collection.

5. I like to colour. I own several colouring books that are just mine and I would be annoyed if anyone else used. I don’t really think of myself as an artist but I have always taken an inordinate amount of pride in my colouring skills. I think it makes me feel sort of artistic despite not having a ton of talent in that area. Also it is soothing as heck.

6. I love Hallmark movies. Not in an ironic they are so bad they are good kind of way, I genuinely enjoy watching them. This is especially true at Christmas time but really anytime of the year I can sit curled up with a hot chocolate getting pleasure out of a cheesy Hallmark movie.

7. This is my second blog. My first blog, that I stared just after we moved here, was only meant as a way to share what I was doing in England. A way for my friends and family back home to be a part of my new life. I was pretty faithful to it for about a year and then stopped completely but if you are interested head here. I have been writing this blog for nearly two years now and still feel inspired and motivated so I think that means I have grown.

8. I am pretty sure that I have a separate crazier me living inside of me. I tend to be very frugal, organised and cautious in my day to day life but take me on a trip and all that goes right out the window. My family refer to this odd alter ego as Vacation Jenn and she is so much more fun than regular Jenn. She will take risks, try new things, spend money freely, eat abundantly and excessively and insist that there is nothing to worry about. Unfortunately regular Jenn has to pay the consequences of Vacation Jenn’s actions so I sometimes wish I could keep her a little more in control quite frankly.

For even more about me you can head to my intro page and find out what motivated me to start this blog. I don’t really love birthdays but I do enjoy sharing my journey with you guys. I would love to hear some fun facts about you so please comment with them below.

Have a lovely Thursday



4 thoughts on “About Me On My Birthday

  1. Angela Thompson says:

    I think you are my long lost twin. Everything you wrote perfectly describes me, except I love bookstores and libraries. I also love mugs, throw caution to the wind when on vacation, and adore Hallmark movies especially at Christmas.

    • JennInglis says:

      I think most people who like to read like bookstores and libraries, I am just a bit odd! I love that you also love Hallmark movies, my family makes fun of me a little for my obsession!

  2. Barb Inglis says:

    Thanks for sharing Jenn! Lovely to hear things about you that I didn’t know! Hope you have a wonderful Birthday weekend!!!❤️

    • JennInglis says:

      Haha, I am glad I came up with things even you didn’t know. Thanks for the love, I am having a lovely weekend.

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