DIY Art You Can Do In Day

I am not an artist. At least not in a, you give me some paints and I’ll give you the Mona Lisa, type way. In fact paint by numbers is about the level of art I think that I create. I am, however, a renter with boring beige walls everywhere and a desire to fill them with something bright and colourful. This is the perfect art project for someone, who like me, doesn’t see themselves as artistic and doesn’t have a lot of time.

I easily managed this art project in a day but I will say that it was very warm and sunny with a breeze so my drying times were very short.

I used a 20″x30″ canvas and used a tape measure to divide it into sections. Mine ended up being three different sizes but you have the freedom to create even blocks or make the spacing much more skewed if you want.

I taped two sections to start with so I had an idea of where each section would start.

The paint I used was left over from another art project I did but I mixed quite a bit of water into it to get the consistency I wanted.

You really don’t need very much paint to do this, maybe a couple or three tablespoons of the original colour, especially if you are thinning it out like I did. It took only about an hour for the paint to dry when It was out in the sun.

Once it was dry I removed the first strip of tape and placed a new one an inch into the first colour. I wanted the overlap but if you are just doing an ombre finish just line it up with the finished edge.

I simply added white to the original colour until it was as light as I wanted my next strip to be and a little more water to keep the consistency where I wanted.

The wind started to pick up a little at this point and blew my drying art project over so things slowed down slightly as it had to finish drying inside.

The final steps were to mimic my second stage. I moved my last strip of tape an inch into the previous colour (you can see what that does in the dry section) and mixed more white paint into the previous colour to get my last step in the ombre.

I think if I was doing this again I would try to make the gradients between the colours a little more obvious but I still like the way it came out and am currently deciding where in the house it will reside.

If you try a similar project I would love to see them. Be sure to tag me on Instagram @withnoplacetogo. Happy painting.



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