Father’s Day Coupons He’ll Love

I find my husband very difficult to shop for and his birthday and Father’s Day fall within a few days of each other every year. As you might imagine that makes this time of year a little bit stressful for me. Of course, he would tell you that he is easy to shop for and that he will be happy with whatever I get him. This is possibly true but here’s the thing, he likes expensive toys and we do not have a lot of our taste in common so I am constantly worried that I have picked the wrong or – let’s face it – bought the cheaper item that he will be less excited about.

With Father’s Day fast approaching I thought I would share some coupon ideas that I have used that he actually did seem to enjoy just in case you are having the same struggle that I am.

Video Game Night- 

If you are anything like me you don’t play video games, ever. I am not a fan of the noise and I can get quite tense trying to complete levels or save the princess or whatever other goals they may have in them. My husband loves them though and is a little disappointed that he doesn’t get to play them as much as he likes. This coupon is not only the promise that he gets to use the TV to play video games but that I will sit there with him cheering him on or even participate. If you are already a fan then it can be a gift for both of you, win win.

Sporting Event- 

I am a pretty big fan of live sports, you take me to a game and I am likely to shout, wave my fist, yell at refs and be generally embarrassing no matter what the sport. If you put any sport other than tennis on the TV however, I am going to walk out of the room. My husband on the other hand would watch any sporting event that comes on I think. I mean it, I think he would watch lawn bowling if it happened to be what was available. He has favourites though—currently baseball and basketball—and he is always wishing that I would sit and watch a game with him. I know some of you guys also love watching televised sports so add a little extra and make his favourite nachos or order his favourite pizza.

He Picks The Movie-

Any of you who read my anniversary post this year knows that I have an amazing husband. One of the things that I love about him is his willingness to sit through chic flick that I may want to watch without complaint. In the spirit of fair play letting him pick whichever action packed science fiction movie he wants to watch seems fitting. I’ll undoubtedly hate it but he’ll love it.

His Favourite Meal- 

My guy is a foodie, he is happy to eat whatever I cook. His favourite breakfast though is something I hate to make, I am just not interested in the finicky eggs Benedict that he usually requests for special events. I mean seriously, have any of you actually mastered the perfect poached egg?! Actually if you have please feel free to pass along tips. I am usually pretty confident in the kitchen but for some reason this meal stresses me out. It could be that in the past I have had some large fails in attempting it so now I don’t even like to try. If he gets a coupon saying I will make this dish and clean up afterwards he can rest assured that I am feeling loving that day.

Father’s Day Fill In the Blank- 

It might feel risky but it’s Father’s Day so it is all about him but why not try a coupon that he gets to decide what it’s for. It’s bound to make him feel special if you let him pick what would make him most happy that day. You can’t complain about what he chooses though, that’s the fine print for you!

The men in our lives deserve a little spoiling so whether you chose one or more of these ideas do something to make them feel loved. If you have your own creative fun ideas pass them along, always looking for new one.


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