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It is no secret that I love lists. I have all kinds of lists, do to lists, monthly goals, yearly goals, grocery lists and even book idea lists. This is how I organise my life in almost every area so it should come as no surprise that I have a pretty impressive bucket list as well. This is my list of the things I really want to do at some point in my life but don’t have a specific time restraint on them. I have still managed to cross a few of these items off this list, thanks to a supportive husband, and every time I get to I feel a little closer to being a super interesting person.

What are the ones I have crossed off?

Wrote a novel – I wrote this bucket list many many years ago and I think that some of the items on it were more like pipe dreams. Writing a novel was something that I pictured doing in the far future so you can imagine just how amazing it felt to accomplish that more than a year ago. If you head over to my books page you can find all three of the books that are currently completed. I have one more in the editing process and another well into it’s first draft. I am hopeful that both of these will be out before the end of this year.

Interior Decorating Education – I anticipated when I put this one on the bucket list that it would then lead to my career in the industry but I admit that it did not. I loved the learning part of this though and discovered an absolute passion for learning that has stayed with me ever since.

Pay off debt – Yup, I live debt free. Before you ask how I manage this know that I currently don’t own a house and our vehicle is provided by my husbands company. I don’t carry credit card debt though and I try to always have a savings in place so that emergencies don’t force us to use it. If I can’t afford to pay cash then for the most part I just don’t have it. I have enjoyed the freedom of not owing anyone money and have not wanted to give that up. A small look into how I budget to make that possible can be found here.

Bungee jumping – Yeah, that’s right, it was on my list and I have done it. It was my 30th birthday present from my husband and I think possibly the most memorable gift I have ever received. It was exhilarating and terrifying and I would, without hesitation, do it again.

Visited Paris – Admittedly this was much easier once I moved to England but keep in mind I started this list long before that was even a possibility. It really is as beautiful as I thought it would be and I plan to revisit many times.

I really have been blessed with some great experiences and adventures in my life but because I am not prepared for the good times to be behind me, my list is ever growing and changing.

There are so many things I still want to see and do!

Learn to play a musical instrument – This one is tricky for me because I have no ear for music, seriously none! I have tried in the past to learn to play the guitar, it did not go well. I can’t even hear if I am playing the right melody which makes it a little difficult to know if I am getting anything right. I have this vision of sitting by a campfire on the beach strumming away on my guitar while friends sing along though so it remains on the list.

Be in a movie or television show – It’s called a bucket list for a reason okay. I can put whatever I want on there. I heard that something is far more likely to become a reality if you write it down and say it out loud so maybe I’ll add this a second time.

Speak another language fluently – I don’t always have a complete grip on the English language so this might be a little farfetched but I really want to be the type of person who speaks multiple languages. I have been studying Spanish for many years now and i am still not even remotely fluent though so I am not feeling really good about the several languages thing. I haven’t given up on myself yet, tomorrow could be my breakthrough.

Take a hot air ballon ride – I mean, seriously, how fun and romantic does this seem.

I could go on and on, I hope that I never stop dreaming and setting goals. I can attest to the fact that even goals that seem unreachable can in fact be reached so write them down and make it so.

I am dying to hear what you guys have put on your bucket list! Have you had any big items crossed off?

2 thoughts on “My Bucket List

  1. Janet says:

    Home ownership was on my bucket list for a long time and we finally did that this year. That was a major item which I am still in the process of, still moving stuff from one house to another, while renovating.
    I realize that a lot of items have fallen off my list as I have aged and changed but the one thing I still very much want to do is go to New York and tour the art museums and galleries. I am curious about a lot of cities and countries but New York holds a special place in my imagination.
    Also I would like to go to Iceland and visit volcanoes.

    • JennInglis says:

      I am so excited that you guys got your home, that is so amazing! New York makes my list as well, although I have to say I do love London. It is sort of hard to imagine New York is better than London.

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