My Crocheting Obsession

About six weeks before Christmas I found that my extreme organisation had actually left me with a little extra time on my hands and I got the idea in my head that I would do handmade gifts for my friends. I hadn’t crocheted in years but I figured with the help of YouTube that I could learn how to do scarves for some of them. I went to the craft store and bought my needle and a couple  skeins of yarn and went to work. What happened next surprised me, I became obsessed with my new hobby. Within a couple of weeks I had made more things then I knew what to do with.

I had piles of crocheted things and not nearly enough friends to give it all to, even after the family had claimed what they wanted.

It started with the scarves obviously and I discovered that I found the process totally enjoyable and even relaxing. Despite my sister taking up the hobby more than a year before me and talking about the pleasure she got from it I was still surprised just how much fun I found this experiment.

After several fairly successful attempts at scarves I was ready to try something new and so I started to tackle hats, to varying degrees of success. Whether they worked out perfectly or not I found that I didn’t mind so much, I was happy with the learning opportunity, which if I am being totally honest is more than a little unusual for me. I realised that I had stumbled across the hobby that I could potentially get years and years of fun out of.

So far I have stuck to pretty simple patterns and projects but I hope as I gain more confidence that I will get comfortable with different types of outcomes.

This has taught me an interesting lesson—you never know what thing you try will make you happy. I started this not expecting to fall in love with doing it but now I make so many trips to the craft store that I am pretty sure that I am on a first name basis with the entire staff. I encourage you to try something new. Whatever it is, maybe around the next corner is your new favourite thing to do in your spare time.



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