Nice, France Photo Diary

My sister came for a visit and to get a little extra bonding time we planned a quick trip to Nice, France. Sadly on my first use of my camera it stopped working, this is becoming a semi regular problem which I think means it’s time to get a new one. Without a camera, I was armed with only my iPhone and a determination to capture this amazing city so I could share it with you.

I would apologise for the overload of pictures that you are about to get, but I am not that sorry.

My sister fell in love with the narrow streets and bold colours that are much more common in Europe and I am pretty sure that during our five days in the area we walked all of Nice. No joke, we had over 20,000 steps everyday and often closer to 30,000.

One of the fun things about Nice is that there is a market every weekday. On Mondays it is a seemingly never ending antiques marketplace and the rest of the week it house millions of fresh flowers and the whole area smells like heaven.

Nestled in one of the many hills around Nice is an amazing forested area that has miles of walking trails and a beautiful man-made waterfall. If you look up the right streets (and remember I got to walk all of them) you can see the waterfall but it is worth taking the steps to get a closer view.

After the climb through the humid trees the spray from the water felt amazing and the views of the city from up there made it even more exhilarating.

We quite happily wandered around up there, racking up our step count, trying to see every trail, and every view that we could.

Pretty much the only time we sat down the whole trip was when we were eating so I encouraged us to do a lot of eating!

Among the many other beautiful things we discovered while exploring Nice we came across the most stunning set of graveyards. Is it weird to think a graveyard is stunning? Lets say impressive. I chose only a couple of pictures to share because I would hate for you to now just how many I took. I do enjoy wandering around a graveyard I find it very peaceful and, when they have as many gorgeous grave markers as these ones did, I also enjoy photographing them.

Anybody who knows me or has been reading this blog for a while knows that I love the ocean. It is my happiest place on earth and lucky for me Nice had so much beach to enjoy.

In preparing for our trip to France we discovered that in less than a half an hour and for very few Euros we could be in Monaco and so naturally we spent one glorious day exploring Monte Carlo.

Pretty much the second you step off the train you know that you have found paradise.

Our first job was to walk up the hill to the castle and watch the changing of the guard. Not as much pomp as Britain’s version but much easier to get a good view and entertaining enough to waste a few minutes watching.

The views from the top of the hill would also take your breath away.

Of course my sister was back at it with the streets here as well.

We could not have asked for better weather to explore all the amazing architecture that could be found.

The beautiful weather didn’t stop us from checking out the large aquarium that is right around the corner from the palace though.

Monaco was worth the trip but we both agreed, after many more thousands of steps, that there was more we wanted to see up the the hill than down. If, like us, you only have a day walk up to the castle area and spend your time there.

The French rivera stole my heart, as do so many of the places that I have visited, but sharing this one with my sister made it especially memorable.

I am a lover of travel and if you are interested in some of the other locations I have visited I have a whole section called places where you can see them. My most recent one was to Santorini.  Share where you have most fallen in love with so that I can add them to my list.

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