Picture Frame Makeover

A little while ago I mentioned to my friend Hannah that I was planning to hit the thrift stores in an effort to find some cool used picture frames. My plan was to give them a makeover and use them to add a punch of colour to my otherwise very bland wall (remember that i rent and can’t paint the boring off white walls). Before I had made it to even one of the second hand stores I planned to visit, Hannah informed me she had found a bag of old frames amongst her attic storage. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth I rushed over to look through them.

She generously let me take as many of the frames as I wanted and I came away with eleven. The first step in the makeover was going to be cleaning them up and sanding them down. I removed the glass and backs from those that had them and then worked on sanding them back to wood as much as possible.

I was lucky that most of them were sturdy and didn’t require new nails or wood glue to hold them together so I was able to put as much effort as I needed to into the sanding process. This was the longest step in the makeover, each frame took at least 20 minutes of work but it was definitely worth the time. The newly stripped frames took my bright paint beautifully and only needed two coats to cover.

Some of you will remember the bold aqua colours I picked up a few weeks ago in sample pot size. I was so excited to have something to use them on so quickly. I wouldn’t say that I have a favourite colour exactly—who could pick?—but I am constantly drawn to shades of teal. I think it is because it reminds me of the ocean and that is my happy place, or at least one of them. The great thing about bringing the colour into my house in this way is that I get this bold punch of colour added to my space without having to commit to a whole wall. Who are we kidding? I would absolutely paint a whole wall either one of these colours.

In order to make sure that I got the frames spaced right on the wall I am hanging them on, I measured out the and cut a piece of brown paper to match the size. Then I played with them, moving them around and trying different configurations until I was happy with the layout. Once I made sure that they were straight i traced around them and also drew a line where they would hang from.

I removed all the frames and then hung and rehung the sheet of paper until I got it centred where I wanted and taped it into place. I started the holes for the nails on the lines I had marked and then took the sheet of paper off the wall and finished tapping in my nails into the already started holes. There are lots of ways to accomplish this job, but this is what I did.

In the end I only used eight of the made over frames because that was plenty for the space above the desk in our room. Which means I have four left to hang elsewhere or share with someone who has a similar aqua obsession. I do love the punch of colour it adds the very dull walls I have around here. I will undoubtedly have to answer for the eight holes I made in the wall but I think It will be worth it.

I would love to hear what your favourite colours are, and where do have them in your house?



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