Scotland 2018 Highlights

This summer we got to visit with my brother and sister in law and take an epic road trip around Scotland. I have to say that during this trip I learned that I like road trips much more in theory than I do in practice but that it was worth the discomfort to get to explore a beautiful country like Scotland. In the week that we were travelling we put more than 1200 miles on the car and as you can imagine we saw more of Scotland than I could ever share with you in one blog post but I can share a few of the highlights with you.


Our first night we spent in Glasgow and although we only had about 24 hours in the city we managed to find this pretty little park to walk around and explore.

We also took some time to explore Kelvingrove art gallery and museum.

It was expansive and had a little something for everyone in it and it was surprisingly quiet considering that it was during summer break.

Perhaps it was the creepy floating heads that scared people away?



Driving between Glasgow and the Ben Nevis area where we were staying the next night we pulled into a tiny parking lot that my phone tags as Arrochar and found one of my favourite spots from our trip through Scotland. Arrochar is in the Loch Lomond area.

You could take a little hike through the wood that ran beside some lovely bubbling water. The area was lush and green and not crowded with on lookers, in fact we only crossed paths with about three other people.

At the end of the hike you were rewarded with an amazing waterfall. I am a bit of a sucker for waterfalls, well water in general, and I felt like I had found a little piece of heaven in Scotland when we walked up to this view.

Isle Of Skye

We only had one day on Skye and I am telling you that is not enough! We could really only visit a couple of spots and one of them was Dunvegan Castle. The castle itself was worth a wander around, very well maintained with lots to look at but it was the grounds that were truly impressive in my opinion.

There were acres and acres of paths, trails, and gardens that were there to be explored. Despite this being the worst day of weather we had the whole time we were in Scotland we did our best to walk them all.

We even discovered another little waterfall right on the property.

Even with all the clouds and rain the views on Skye will take your breath away. The Isle of Skye is also riddled with some of the windiest roads I have ever driven on. Trying to get to some of these epic views brought me closer to throwing up than I have been in years. Nothing made me happier than getting to breathe in the cool fresh air that welcomed us to each stopping point.

We finished our day on the tiny island by visiting the capital city of Portree and, although it isn’t huge and doesn’t have a ton going on, I have to admit that short row of businesses on the water was charming enough to totally win me over.


I thought Inverness was one of the prettiest small cities ever, although that could be because the sun was shining brightly and it was one of the warmest days we had. It is just chalk full of cute streets, fun eating establishments, and novelty shops galore.

It also has an impressive looking castle right in the middle of it and the short walk up gives you some spectacular view of this quaint Scottish city.


On our way from the Inverness area to the Edinburgh area we got a little lost. My husband would say not lost, rerouted due to road closures, but the trip took us to some unforeseen locations and one of them was here. We came across a whisky distillery that my sister in law really wanted to tour so while she and my brother in law went in, we went on the trail the led to this waterfall. I have to say, if you have a waterfall obsession like me then Scotland is the place to visit!


I had been to beautiful Edinburgh before but had not had very much time to wander up and down the gorgeous streets the way that I did on this visit and I highly recommend it. The architecture alone is enough to visit this place, if you haven’t been, go and spend more time than we did. I think with both of my times in Edinburgh combined it was less than 12 hours and you’ll want so much more than that.

The other stuff

The foliage and landscapes through the highlands of Scotland will take your breath away. If like us you see most of it through a car window it will still be worth the trip to see.

My son fell in love with hanging out with his uncle and I can’t deny that some of my favourite moments of our holiday were watching these three interact with each other.

One of the big reasons for the trip was so that my sister in law could see her ancestral home. I think I had as much fun watching her make a connection with her long time gone family as she did seeing the place in person.

My daughter had to stay behind and work and she was missed terribly but she was often thought of and it became the ongoing joke to take photos that she could be photoshopped into. So here she is, in spirit, with us at the waterfall.

Ultimately the real highlight for me was getting quality time with my family. There is something pretty special about travelling and seeing new things with the people you love most in the world. From my trip to Greece with my daughter, to visiting Nice with my sister, to this road trip through Scotland this past few months have given me the opportunity to make the most beautiful memories with the most amazing people.



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