Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I am a big believer in the magic of Christmas and that means that Santa still makes his yearly visit to our home. Before I even had children of my own my sister told me something that stuck with me and I told my kids the same thing. She told her kids that Santa would never bring them anything that their parents couldn’t afford because that would make parents feel bad for not being able to do it themselves. It seemed wise and she was pretty masterful at making Christmas magical despite her limited funds. She was especially good at stocking stuffers. Her kids stockings were always overflowing with fun little things.

I have to say that I am not as good as she was at this. I actually struggle to think of ideas for the stocking stuffers. Over the years I have made lists and come up with different ideas so if you are like me I hope these ideas can help you!

Stocking Stuffers for Small Kids

-rubber balls
-crazy straws
-small stuffed animals
-small cardboard books
-matchbox cars

Stocking Stuffers For Teens

-nail polish
-press on nails
-costume jewellery
-bubble bath
-face masks
-gift cards
-body wash
-hot sauce
-art supples
-phone cases
-small notebooks
-snack foods

Stocking Stuffers For Grownups

I admit that a lot of the ideas for teens could be used for adults and vice-versa.

-shoe shine kit
-travel sewing kit/tool kit
-cooking utensils
-new toothbrush
-coupons for activities
-paperback novels
-perfume/body sprays/cologne
-handmade hats

Christmas is meant to be fun and i don’t think it’s fun to stress over what gifts to give so hopefully this helps you out some. Stockings especially can be silly and packed full of small trinkets and treats and shouldn’t be over thought or worried about. Santa is a giant elf after all, he would obviously have an impish spirit about the whole thing!

If you have other inexpensive small stocking stuffer ideas send them along and we can make it a little easier for everyone.

Have fun stuffing those stockings.




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