Valentines Day Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Valentines is just around the corner and you may be starting to feel the desire to find something to express just how much you love that special someone in your life. I have to admit that I find gift giving an amazingly stressful activity. I am constantly worried about whether they will like it or not. I tend to overthink and not enjoy the chance to demonstrate my affection like giving a gift should. In reality I don’t think a gift has to be expensive or over the top to do this. I believe pretty strongly that it just has to be thoughtful and show how well you know the other person, which I know can still be stressful. Hopefully these ideas that I have come up with will help inspire you to think outside the box and come up with a loving and thoughtful gift for the most important people in your life.

Mix Tape

On the very first of my birthdays that we were together my future husband made me a mixtape. Money was tight and we were very young and it was a touching way he found to combine a thoughtful gift for me with something that he loved. He picked songs that reminded him of me in some way and along with the tape I got a note that listed each song and which line in particular made him think of me. I was completely touched and listened to it for as many years after that as cassette tape players were a thing. Now obviously you may need to think burning a CD or even just compiling a play list but include a note telling them why that song made the list.

Their Favourite Food

I really love food. Like,I genuinely get so much pleasure out of eating and so one of the best things that my husband does for me is make me a meal. So much of the cooking is done by me so when he plans and prepares a meal or even a favourite treat it makes me feel all kinds of loved. Why not take a stab at making a favourite meal or even dessert item for them to enjoy this Valentines Day. Just make sure it also includes the clean up being done.

Photo Collage

Take the time to go through your pictures and collect 10-30 of your best memories together, go old school and print them off and arrange them into a collage. Not only is this a fun inexpensive gift but part of your time together can be spent remembering these amazing snapshots of your time together.

Love Letters

It seems like a good old fashioned love letter is a dying thing but is there anything more touching than a handwritten proclamation of love. Sit down and write a letter to the one you love full of reasons why you love them, special moments you have shared and tender promises for the future. There really is something so romantic about this kind of note so don’t let its simpleness deter you.

Personalised Mugs

It doesn’t have to be a mug obviously but get a little crafty and make something for them. If you are not very crafty, a personalised mug may be up your alley because they are very easy and fun to do. Just play to your strengths. If you knit why not make them a sweater in their favourite colour, paint them a picture for their favourite corner of the house, or write them a song and play it for them. Really the only limitation with a hand made gift is your own imagination and with Pinterest you might not even need to come up with your own idea.




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