Verona, The City Of Love

I think they might call Verona the city of love because it is so easy to fall in love with. Down every street, and we walked a lot of them, there is something else that will steal your heart and leave you breathless. I have said it before I am a big fan of architecture and Verona offered so many beautiful historic buildings that I might have been in heaven.

I admit that I am guilty of falling a little in love with every place that we visit but Verona really does top my list. Of course all the Italian food didn’t hurt! I just found some new place to stop and explore around every corner.

The weather for the four days we were in Verona helped my husband and I walk to our hearts content and I am pretty sure that by the time we left we had done the whole city on foot. There are tour busses available but most things are within a manageable walking distance so we didn’t bother.

Piazza Bra

Less than a two minute walk from our hotel was this lovely piazza with more restaurants than we had time to try, a small green space with a fountain and the mammoth arena that is one of Verona’s big attractions. Also very nearby is a massive shopping district so a little something for everyone.

Archaeological Museum

Nestled in the hills of Verona was this museum that let you get up close and personal with the crumbling structures of Verona. Even if you have just a passing interest in history it will be worth the price of admission (which was about six euros I think) for the beautiful vistas that you get.

The View

Almost directly beside the museum is a staircase that leads up the hill and of course my husband had to find out where it went. I won’t lie, the climb is impressive but several hundred steps later (I didn’t actually count but it had to be at least that many) you get this view of fair Verona. It was worth it I promise. Also up there is a restaurant that provided us delicious food while overlooking the city so I highly recommend trying it.


Verona has four main historic churches that you can visit for three euros each or you can get a pass for six euros that gives you access to all of them (my recommendation). The lighting inside of them made it hard for my old camera to get really good photos (I am not a professional folks) but I loved to wander through them—the ceilings alone are worth the cost of admission.

Verona Castle

There is an area in the castle that you have to pay to visit but we didn’t bother. You could wander around a lot of the outside and walk across the bridge for free and that was enough for us. The entry fee was totally reasonable and there were views inside that we couldn’t get so it might be something for the next visit.

Casa De Juliette

Obviously a trip to Verona wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the house of the most famous leading lady ever. If you are patient, you can even see it without huge crowds of people, well at least in October. People really do leave notes by the thousands stuck to the wall and put their love locks on the gate there. If you want a response from her club though you have to get your letter to them in another way. If you pay the small admission fee to walk through the museum, there is a whole room with just a post box to drop letters in and a bank of computers to send her an email.

Truthfully the museum itself doesn’t boast much else but the only way to stand on the balcony for a photo is to go through it. As odd as it may seem it is a traditional thing to grab the right breast of Juliette’s statue for good luck or for help to find your true love and it was done so many times that the original sculpture has a crack in it. The one in the courtyard is a replica and the original is safely stored just inside the front door of the museum.

We also did a day in Venice during this trip but I am afraid that is a blog post for another day.

I love to travel. Every trip is special to me but a romantic getaway with my husband has a way of standing out. I have been so blessed this year to be able to do several very memorable trips including one to Nice with my sister and Greece with my daughter. There were others as well but I hope with all my heart that there are even more in the future.

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