What’s Making Me Happy

We are halfway through the year, how crazy is that? I have had an odd mix of time moving so slowly and flying by at the same time. 2018 has had some large struggles in it for me but as we hit the halfway mark of the year I can acknowledge that it has also had some big highs as well. It seemed appropriate to take just a minute to comment on some of the things that are making me happy currently.

1. My e-reader

I am an avid reader all of the time and I love the feel of a paper book in my hands. There is actually something very soothing about the smell of a book, am I right? Over the last several years, but maybe especially this year, I have come to love the convenience of an e-reader. I have downloaded and read easily 20 books in the last six months and no matter how stressful and busy life gets a silly cozy mystery is bound to make me happy.

2. My Gratitude Journal

I made a goal to record at least three things a day that I was grateful for this year and I have already been made happy on more than one occasion by reading through them. A common theme that is worth mentioning is how often I mention my amazing friends. I have had so much help and support from them this year and even the simplest of texts have ended up as an item on the list. Thank you (you know who you are). Also I cannot go through the list without noticing how often my husband and kids come up. They make me so happy it is almost sickening.

3. Photo Editing Apps

I have always enjoyed taking photos but over the past six months I have found the amazing power of photo editing in a new way. My favourites are Facetune 2 and Lightroom CC but honourable mention goes to Snapseed and VSCO. They are free and trust me playing with them is just fun.

4.  Primark Summer Candles

Honestly they smell like pure joy. My top picks are the Coconut Crush and Mellow Mango and Passionfruit. Historically I would say that I don’t burn as many candles in the summer months as in the winter but when they remind me of fruity drinks and tropical vacations it seems fitting to have them burning all summer long.

5. Aftersun

I don’t usually burn. I really don’t, but on both of my holidays this year I did. My daughter and I burnt on our first day in Greece and it had the risk of making us less than happy the rest of the trip and I gained a huge appreciation for aftersun products. My personal favourite is Solarcaine but anything that helps soothe the redness and diminishes the chance of peeling is good with me.

6. Pina Colada (Iced) Tea

The Tea House in Covent Garden is one of the places I stop into almost every time I am in London. It has the most amazing array of herbal infusions I have ever seen. I have found several that I really love but the Pina Colada flavour I picked up last time I was there definitely makes me happy. I love it hot but chilled into an ice tea drink takes it to another level of amazingness.

7. Frozen Chocolate Drinks

Who doesn’t love a milkshake on a warm day? My top picks are the Frozen Hot Chocolate from Second Cup (which, despite being a Canadian company, they actually have in Swindon!) and Belgian Chocolate and Honeycomb Frappe from McDonalds and anything that my husband whips up for me.

You can find other things that have made me happy here.

Share some of the things that are making you smile right now, I would love to hear about them.


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